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Dress Shoe

Stylish and sleek

Ideal Shoe

  • Dress shoes without removable sock-liner


  • Slim shell design

  • Low profile heel cup

  • Lightweight carbon fiber shell

  • Luxurious micro-fiber top cover

General Sports

Stable, secure feel with multi-directional movements

Ideal shoes

  • Cross trainer and fitness shoes


  • Enhanced energy return from high rebound forefoot material

  • High friction top cover enhances foot-shoe fit during multi-directional movement

  • Hindfoot stabilizer for increased support when lifting weights

Pes Planus

Enhanced support for low-arched or unstable feet

Ideal Shoe

  • Walking Shoes


  • Custom Arch Support

  • Heel Re-Alignment

  • High-Level Pronation Control


Lightweight and dynamic, designed to fit modern running footwear

Ideal Shoe

  • Running shoe


  • Ultra-lightweight hard shell for custom tuning of stiffness

  • High-rebound forefoot element enhances push-off phase of running


Soft accommodative design for highly sensitive feet

Ideal Shoe

  • Walking shoes


  • Soft shell allows for adjustable pressure distribution through midfoot

  • Full length energy absorbing material provides exceptionally long lasting cushion

  • Anti-bacterial memory foam top-cover enhances pressure distribution


Firm shell designed for unloading specific areas of pressure

Ideal Shoe

  • Structured walking shoes


  • Tri-density material allows for accurate unloading on high pressure areas of the foot

  • Soft top layer provides cushioned feel while still supporting the foot


Versatile, easy to fit solution for everyday support

Ideal Shoe

  • Casual Shoes


  • Durable cushioned top cover gives lasting comfort

  • Direct-milled polypropylene shell for increased precision in heel cup taper and stiffness rating

  • Internal posting improves shoe fit


Orthotics is a medical specialty that focuses on the design and application of orthoses. An orthosis is "an externally applied device used to influence the structural and functional characteristics of the neuromuscular and skeletal system"

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